What a lot of people think cam girls do:

  • get naked
  • make money

What a lot of us actually do/ have to focus on/ have thrusted upon us:

  • photography
  • videography
  • social media
  • camming
  • dancing
  • stripping
  • fetish work
  • editing
  • graphic design
  • burlesque
  • fake therapist
  • publicist
  • SEO specialist
  • paperwork
  • IT tech
  • phone sex operator
  • branding
  • communications
  • selling physical and virtual products
  • makeup
  • styling
  • DJ
  • affiliate programs
  • freelance or contract modeling
  • professional insult taker

What else am I missing, ladies? Plenty I’m sure.

Try to remember that a lot of these women are also students, artists, mothers, family providers, live-in care assistants for family members, and are practically accountants who often have to balance 1-15 sources of income. Most cam girls have to supplement their income by working on multiple sites, running their own sites, and selling clips on every platform. 

The women in the adult industry are practically modern Wonder-women. They will never stop impressing and amazing me. And this is the most fascinating career I’ve ever been a part of. 

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